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The Do’s And Don’ts About Fishing

If you like to fish, but hate not catching anything, read this article. Keep reading for advice on how you can make you fishing trips less hit and miss. Who doesn’t want to pull in a substantial number of fish every time?

Bass fishing is a great place to start for the beginning fisherman. The reason is because bass stand a greater chance of biting, and it is easier to reel them in. The fight that a bass gives while reeling it in can be exciting.

TIP! Night fishing can provide a fun alternative to the norm. Use a head lamp to see what you are doing and turn on your boat lights.

Be sure to sink your bait to the bottom if you want to catch a bottom feeder like a catfish. Generally, a catfish must be lured with live bait and sufficient weight on the line so your bait gets deep into the catfish’s territory.

To choose the correct lure, you need to evaluate the water conditions, the time of day and the type of fish you are trying to catch. Not all areas of water need the same type of lure. Every type of lure has its specific purpose and each one is tailored given a particular fish type and location. Take the time to learn how each lure performs.

If you are fishing for bass, the best times are in the early morning or close to dusk. These times are when bass do most of their feeding. There’s one caveat to this, however. If the weather is cloudy or the water surface is unusually murky, bass feed during the mid-afternoon hours instead.

TIP! Remember, every fish you catch is not necessarily meant to stay caught. Fishermen will customarily release small fish back into the water, as well as any fish that is over the catch limit.

Be mindful of the smells your hands give off. If your hands have an unnatural scent, it can rub off on your lure. The fish you are trying to catch could smell this odor, which could cause them to not bite.

No matter what the weather is, always carry a good sunscreen along on your fishing trips. It is very easy to get a sunburn when you are near the water. This is because the sunbeams are reflected back up toward you.

If you’d like to catch perch, think of putting three to four hooks below your bobber or weight. These fish swim together in a school, allowing you to catch a few at a time. You can also use this technique with bluegills and get similar results.

TIP! One good resource you can use to locate likely fishing spots is to ask for advice from people who spend a lot of time on the road in the area you are looking at. You may be able to gather information from people such as park rangers, campground attendants or even community centers.

Fishing in areas with large amounts of weeds and vegetation can cause you to become irritated and discouraged. Though it may seem troublesome, this is the area where insects congregate, leading to a greater concentration of fish in the region.

Pay attention to the color of your bait, versus the color of the water. It is important to pick bait that the fish can actually see. For example, if you are fishing in murky water, you should use brightly colored lures. In clearer water, deeper and darker tones will blend in less and catch the fish’s attention.

Make sure to leave the land and water as you found it, free of trash or debris. Trash is damaging to the natural beauty of the environment, and it is harmful to fish and plant life too. Take all trash and other foreign objects with you when you leave so that the waters will still be beneficial to fish and other fishers.

TIP! Make sure your line is wet before tying a knot. This reduces friction and ensures the knot is very strong.

How do your buddies always bring back a fish when they go out on the water? They have made the time to research and practice, and now that you have read this article, you should be ready to join them.

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